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The better compost bin.

The Compost Canvas bin fits all your garden waste.

Work easier, save money with the all-natural Compost Canvas bin


Work easier

Would you rather fill bag… after bag… after bag… of yard waste and carry it to the curb, or simply and easily place all yard waste in the compost bin as you go.

The Compost Canvas holds up to 12 lawn bags of yard waste, a full dozen! Other sizes are 9, 6, 4 and 2 yard bags. Now finally a compost bin fits all of your yard waste.

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Natural garden

The Compost Canvas bin is natural, made of burlap fabric with wood poles, which are environmentally friendly, renewable, sustainable, near-zero waste.

When you make compost from your lawn waste, you keep the nutrients from your soil, for a healthier garden.

The natural burlap fabric biodegrades in 1-2 years, when you can continue composting with a replacement fabric.


Save money

In many locations, it’s expensive to pay for the collection of yard waste. Save money by putting all your yard waste in the compost bin instead of having it collected. The larger the capacity of your compost bin, the greater the savings!

Save even more in subsequent years by getting solely the pre-sown fabric and reusing the poles.

The Compost Canvas bin fits 12, 9, 6, 4 or 2 lawn bags.

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Two ways to purchase

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Complete Compost Bin

The most time-saving option Everything you need to easily install your compost bin in 5 minutes.

Natural Wood Poles The poles can be used year after year; in subsequent years, get the fabric only.

Pre-Sown Fabric The fabric is pre-sown and is supported by the wood poles, based on the size you select.

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Pre-Sown Fabric Only

The most economical option Keep the budget lower.

You provide the supporting structure to hold the fabric, such as a fence or poles etc. We recommend wood poles of 1” round or 3/4” square (not included).

Pre-Sown Fabric The fabric is pre-sown to make an enclosure, based on the size you select.


Quarterly composting tips.